Final Reflection

I can’t believe this course is over!  As much as I dreaded it after I read the syllabus the first time, it has flown by and I can confidently say that I learned more (about the subject matter and about myself) in this course than in any of my previous courses.  I have compiled and […]

Week 7 Review

I can’t believe this is the end of week 7 already. This course (and summer!) has flown by.  I feel like I completed all requirements of the week to the standards.  I was excited to get a chance to go back to a design assignment that I was interested the last time we were required to complete […]

Week 7 Crash Course Story Critique

For this week’s story critique I chose a story that, just like with my focal theme article ended up being, was not something that I had originally set out to find.  In keeping with the theme of the reading that I chose to annotate and review for week 7 I started my search looking for […]

The Invisible Knapsack

This week’s reading was from the National SEED Program in the form of an article written by Dr. Peggy McIntosh about “unpacking the invisible knapsack of white privilege”.  I came to the reading a bit late this week, so it is hard for me to determine if my thoughts and feelings are about the reading itself or […]

A Cloudy DS106

I chose this design assignment from the assignment bank this week.  The task was to create a word cloud that encompasses DS106.  I wanted to do this assignment the first time we were asked to complete a design project, but the description suggests that it be completed near the end of the course.  One reason this assignment […]

Week 6 review

This week had its ups and downs for me as far as this course goes.  I have been in Philly for the last four days for a wedding that my husband and I were both in, which meant I had to get the majority of the work for the week done before I left. I […]

Social Learning

This week’s reading was Lankshear and Knobel (2011) Ch7: Social Learning, “Push” and “Pull,” and Building Platforms for Collaborative Learning.  The chapter takes a look at the concept of social learning – and the authors take the stance that social learning is truly the only form of authentic learning. “They suggested that by separating learning from ‘authentic’ […]

Digital Story Critique #6

For this week’s story critique I found a video from the teaching channel that talked about implementing blogging in the classroom.  This was something that I wanted to look a little deeper into since we read about blogging a couple weeks ago, and it happened to be the first video that popped up when I got to […]

Assignment Bank Colors

For this week’s Assignment Bank Creation I went back to the visual assignments.  We did visual assignments the first week of class, and I chose an assignment that didn’t force me to try anything new.  All I had to do was take a picture and post it. Last week I tried my hand at some […]

Week 5 Review

I am pretty happy with how this week turned out.  I completed all assignments (although I am realizing now that I never tweeted my daily create from yesterday – will do that after this post!) and I chose a mashup project that took me outside my comfort zone.  I felt more comfortable with the new […]