DS106 and Me

Let me start by saying that I have never blogged.  I’ve never tweeted, I don’t have a Facebook account and I’m just about the opposite of tech savvy.  I know how to work my phone – usually – and I can find my way around my district issued laptop and classroom technology (assuming my projector doesn’t give me ANY trouble), but if you need any sort of technology help I am not your girl.  This class, INTE5340, it so far out of my comfort zone it’s not even funny. When I read the syllabus last week, 4 times, I cried (although, I’m admittedly a stereotypical pregnant woman at the moment and it doesn’t take much).

I’m here because I recently found out that I only need one (one!) 3-credit course to complete my MA.  In the last seven years since I finished getting my teaching license I’ve been teaching all over the Colorado, gaining incredible experiences, and furthering my education by getting various certifications that would help ensure I could meet my students’ linguistically diverse learning needs.  This course was the only one on the list of courses I could take to complete my capstone that sounded nothing like any other course I have taken.  Honestly, though, I completely misunderstood what this class was about.  I thought I would learn how to broaden my students’ digital literacy, not that I would actually have to broaden my own!  But, here we are. I’m nervous that I’ll fail, but I’m excited at all there is to learn.  Bear with me, I am a certified newbie at all things digital.

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