Do you see what I see?

This is my first Visual Assignment!  For this assignment participants were asked to take a close up picture of something and see if anyone could guess what it is.

I chose this assignment for a couple reasons.  One, I’m new to all of this.  The syllabus for this class had my head spinning and I’m struggling daily to use all of the platforms expected of us successfully (hence why I tweeted my first daily create three times and am still not entirely sure I did it right).  This assignment asked me to take a picture and I knew I could successfully complete the task. I’m hoping that as the weeks go on, the technical aspects of this course will become second nature and I can branch out a bit.

My second reason behind choosing this assignment is that my son has a book just like this – close up images that the reader is expected to study and decide what they might be.  I am terrible at it.  The first time we looked at the book together he either beat me to guessing or was baffled at how far off my guesses were. My son will be 3 in July.  Not great for my ego.

To complete this assignment I took several pictures on my phone of various items around my house and yard, then sent them to myself and downloaded them onto my computer.  I was pretty proud of my pictures until I had my son take a look and he could guess each one – EXCEPT for the picture below.  So, here it is!  I hope I can stump some adults, in addition to a gifted (no bias here) three year old.


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