Week 1 Reflection

I am so glad to have week one under my belt!  I started the week STRESSED about this class.  I felt like there was no way I could succeed – I couldn’t even understand the syllabus.  But here we are – I made it!  I feel like I successfully completed this week’s assignments, as much as I struggled through them.  I really enjoyed the interactive aspects (hypothesis, in particular, once I got the hang of it).  I think that annotating the text and interacting with other people reading the same thing is so much more meaningful than a simple reflective post after the reading is complete.

I learned a lot this week – mostly about myself.  I slowly realized that, although there will obviously be a learning curve, I am much more capable on a computer than I had originally thought.  I learned how many (free!) websites are out there to help someone like me create digital stories, and that they are far more user friendly than I had anticipated.  I also learned a lot from the readings this week.  I thoroughly enjoyed reading about new literacies and gained a lot of interesting insights that I will definitely be bringing back to my own classroom.

The technical aspects are what gave me the most trouble this week, although like I said, it gets a little easier each time I open my computer.  I have never thought of myself as tech savvy so this course is pretty far out of my comfort zone.  Now knowing what I do – that I am more capable than I thought – the  only thing I would have done differently is to try and add some more complicated aspects to my digital stories.  My first daily create and visual assignment were both what I considered to be “easy” tasks  and things that I knew I could be successful with.  My second daily create, while still pretty simple, was something I had never done before – audio recording.  I’m looking forward to challenging myself even more in the coming weeks.

My focal theme is pretty broad – elementary education.  I wondered this week if this would be an issue, and when I was looking for interest driven scholarships I wished I had given myself a little more direction.  However, I did this on purpose.  I had originally planned on a more specific focal theme, but I didn’t want to limit myself in the weeks to come if there was something outside of that theme that I wanted to explore.

For my self assessment I would say that I met the expectations for work quality.  I did what was expected of me to the best of my ability as I worked through the technical aspects this course involves.  As far as effort, I would love to say I exceeded the expectations as I spent far more hours on this class than I had originally anticipated, and I struggled through many things and found myself virtually glued to my computer all week.  My only problem with giving myself this rating is that, I’m pretty sure, that the struggle I endured is the point of this class.  I think I worked really hard, but I also think that (in this class more than any other graduate class I have taken) working really hard is an expectation and the only possible way to be a successful learner.

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