The Sounds of Summer

For my first Audio Assignment I decided to record the sounds of my day. As a teacher, the sounds of my daily routines sound very different now than they did three weeks ago, which is one reason I wanted to complete this assignment!  I would love to go back and record the sounds of my day during a typical school day and compare the two.  My weekdays over the summer are generally pretty predictable, with only the times in which I complete certain activities changing (and the occasional meet up with friends thrown in there!).  I used voice memos on my phone to record sounds throughout my day yesterday.  I had my phone by my side as I brewed and drank my coffee on my deck after my husband left for work and while my son was still asleep (so nice), while I watched Minions for the hundredth time this summer, while I worked on this class, went to the pool, went to crossfit (sorry in advance for some of the foul language by some friends that were in the background at the gym), and while I read to my son and read my own book with my sparkling water to end the day.

Recording the voice memos was easy, but at the end of the day I realized I had no idea how to get those voice memos into one sound bite and in a form that I could share.  Luckily, when I clicked on the first example from this audio assignment, I got a full tutorial on how to do just that!  I sent the memos to my computer and imported them all into one file, following the steps  listed in the example above to cut and paste the clips to fit together.  When I had a finished product I simply uploaded it to Soundcloud.  I struggled through this one, but I think I came out with a pretty decent final product.


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