Week 3 Review

It is hard to believe this course is almost halfway over!  At the same time, though, my mindset has changed so much since first receiving the syllabus that it is also hard to believe it has only been three weeks.  I  think one of my greatest improvements this week came in the form of time management.  Now that I have a good feel of what is expected of us each week I felt like I was able to plan for and complete the assignments in a more timely manner that didn’t leave me cramming any work in at the last minute.  This also allowed me to feel like a better participant in my small group annotation discussions which allowed me to get more out of the readings and my classmates interpretations of them.

One of my biggest struggles this week came from the video assignment.  I feel like I had a little bit of a setback as far as my confidence goes with this project.  I messed around a bit with some more complicated assignments, but in the end I settled for a project that, while meaningful for me, was pretty simple and straightforward from a technical standpoint.  I have set a goal for myself to look into different software and programs that I can use to further my abilities as far as video editing and producing go so that the next time I have a chance to work with video I can produce something a little more complicated.

I continue to get a lot out of the readings, and even more out of the discussions within my small group.  I really feel like everyone in my group has really embraced the collaborative forum and I have gotten so many great ideas for my classroom from my classmates already.  I am a big fan of the affinity space we have created.  I am also getting more and more out of the daily creates.  I feel like I am at a point where I can confidently complete any daily create that is thrown at us, which is a pretty big improvement for me.

Given that my focal theme is education, and this course has really focused on education, I have had no problem finding additional readings and resources to compliment each week’s theme.  If anything, my biggest struggle has been narrowing down the plethora of options that are out there.

I think that all of my productions this week have, at the very least, met expectations, while some have exceeded.  I feel like my effort (with the exception of my video assignment, perhaps, although I did put a lot of effort into my simple production) exceeded expectations this week, and I really think that the people in my small group make it easy to exceed expectations from the social aspects of this course.

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