An Iconic Design Project

The goal of this design project was to reduce a movie, story, or event into its basic elements, then take those visuals and reduce them further to simple icons – four of them.  I chose this assignment because it is something that I could see myself having my students do when they have completed a book.  The idea of this, while not exactly asking the participant to find the main idea of a story, is still asking that you reduce the story into only four icons, which requires some thoughtfulness and definitely a strong understanding of the key elements of the story.  For this design assignment, I was asked not to tell my readers what story or movie I am representing through icons, but if I were to do this in my classroom I think I would have the kids explain their thought process behind each of the four icons that they choose.

To complete this assignment I used icons from The Noun Project.  I had a good time looking through the plethora of icons available for use, and trying to decide which ones best fit my needs.  Once I found the icons that I wanted to use, I had to decide if I wanted to download them as a PNG or as an SVG, which first required that I learn what those two things meant.  After some quick reading and some trial and error I found that for my purposes the easiest thing for me to do was download the pictures as PNG.  I had a little difficulty figuring out the best way to put the four icons together so they were grouped as one picture, but I ended up just pasting the pictures into a word document, then copying and pasting them all together into paint so that I could manipulate them the way I wanted and save them together as one picture. I ran into a couple snags along the way with finding pictures that I could use without giving credit and finding pictures that I could resize without ruining the image, but for the most part it was a pretty straight forward assignment and I think it will be a fun one for my kids to try as well.

I chose to turn a new-ish book that I read last summer into a series of icons.  Can you guess what book it is?


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