A Blog About Making Blogs: Digital Story Critique

For this week’s critique I found a video that seems to have been made to reach students in a course in which blogging is discussed (like what seems to be, perhaps, a very dull version of ILT5340).  The professor is giving an overview of blogging in the classroom and the benefits that it can have for educators and students.  The involvement in this story is primarily that of the professor that is speaking in the background of the images that are being written and drawn on the screen.  I assume the same person is also responsible for the images, but I suppose that there could be involvement of another for this piece.  The audience plays a very passive role, in that we are expected to sit back, watch, and listen to what is being presented.  The presenter’s involvement is there for the purpose of informing others for professional uses.

This video, to me, was pretty boring, but there were several literacy dimensions involved.  The creator, first of all, needed to have something to say that would appeal to others (in this case, his students).  Because this video is posted on YouTube, I assume that he also wanted to appeal to other educators outside of his class.  He also had to be skillful with the juxtaposition of images and video clips with his voicetrack.  While the video made it appear as though the images and writing were drawn by hand, I am pretty confident that they were not, which means the creator needed to know how to create those images digitally, perhaps with a stylus or some other digital tool.

The online spaces where I found this video was YouTube, although it seems as though it is also available through the course for which it was created’s website or online portal.  Putting this video on YouTube makes it accessible to a far greater audience, although this also is, perhaps, my biggest issue with this particular digital story.  The video is an introduction, and discusses at the end what the subsequent videos will go over, yet there are no links to those videos that I could find.  Thus, the video was placed on a very public online space where many can access it, but it is a bit of a tease as the rest of the information is nowhere to be found.  I assume those other videos are available if you are in the course through some other online space.

Besides the availability (or lack-there-of) of the following videos in the series, my biggest critique of this digital story is that, quite frankly, it was boring.  The pace was sort of slow and while the illustrations and text were interesting, they sometimes fell behind the pacing of the speaker which made it hard to follow along.  I might also add some background music, or other types of media such as example blogs, or even just video of the actual speaker, to break the video up a bit.

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