The task for this assignment was to mashup a children’s book with another  cultural artifact.  I chose this assignment for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, I have never used any sort of photo editing (besides paint, and I’ve only used that to add text to a picture) and wanted to see what I was capable of.  I also thought this could be a fun (and challenging) task for my kids to do.  Even if they do it by hand, it could be a fun team building activity or could even  be used in place of a book report.

While it might seem like pretty basic editing, I actually struggled with this mashup!  I loved the idea of the assignment, but when I sat down to do it I had trouble right away coming up  with an idea.  I had just (finally) finished watching the latest season  of Game of Thrones so with that fresh on  my mind, I began searching though popular children’s books.  Once I had my idea, I had to find a way to edit the pictures.  I came across a free online photo editor that allowed me to upload and edit my photos without having to sign up for anything.  I struggled a little with cutting the pictures of Ramsay and of the dog, as I was on my laptop. I assume it would have been a far easier task had I been using a stylus of some sort and if I didn’t have a toddler running into my arm every 30 seconds.  Once I got those cut and placed onto the cover, flattening the images into one was pretty straightforward.  The text was the piece that gave me the most trouble.  The website I used wasn’t very conducive to matching the colors, sizes, and fonts and I was pretty tempted to try a different website or software, but I eventually got to a font that I was (almost) happy with.

I’m glad I have finally dabbled in photo editing and seen some of the options that are out there for this kind of work.  I’ve avoided daily creates and assignments that would require me to edit photos more than  simply adding text as I just didn’t know how to get started, but now that I’ve struggled through this assignment I know that it’s not that difficult (although, pretty frustrating) and I look forward to seeing what else I can create in the next few weeks.  My guess would be that my fourth graders are actually better than me at this, and I would like to see what they can come up with!


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