Assignment Bank Colors

For this week’s Assignment Bank Creation I went back to the visual assignments.  We did visual assignments the first week of class, and I chose an assignment that didn’t force me to try anything new.  All I had to do was take a picture and post it. Last week I tried my hand at some photoshop for the first time for my Mashup assignment and I struggled with it, but I enjoyed the work.  I decided to choose a visual assignment for this week that would have me using photoshop for a task that I hadn’t yet tried.  This assignment asked that I use a picture that I had previously taken and adjust the colors in some way.  It could be realistic or unrealistic, as long as more than one color was changed.  To do this assignment, I again looked for an online photo editor that  I could use for free without downloading anything. This week I used PIXLR editor, which actually looked and felt pretty similar to the editor I used last week.  The biggest issue I ran into was more with the pictures I tried to use, rather than the editor itself.  I tried to create something with two different pictures before I settled on the one I was able to use. In the original two pictures I tried, there  were too many objects that were the same color to begin with, which made it difficult for me to get the look I wanted, as when I tried to change the color of one object, all other objects of the same color changed along with it.  I was using sunset pictures, and there were too many objects and too much water that were in the shadows which made them appear to be the same color.  When I tried to change the color of a palm tree, it changed the ocean and the dock that were in the picture as well, which washed out the picture and didn’t end up having the desired effect.  I ended up using a sunrise picture, in which the colors in the sky were a little more defined, and I could use the editor to get the colors that I wanted, where I wanted them.

This project is pretty loosely tied in with my focal theme of education.  For the most part, I chose it for my own education, as I wanted to learn more about online photo editing tools.  I enjoyed the mashup that I created last week and have been thinking of ways to use the same assignment in my classroom, as I know my kids can be even more creative than me.  I wanted to get some experience on different photo editing sites so that if I do ask my students to produce an edited photo, I can lead them in the direction of a user friendly site to use.


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