Week 6 review

This week had its ups and downs for me as far as this course goes.  I have been in Philly for the last four days for a wedding that my husband and I were both in, which meant I had to get the majority of the work for the week done before I left. I really enjoyed the reading this week and felt like I got a lot out of it.  I also felt like the digital story I critiqued gave me a lot of good information and I learned a lot from it about how to get my students started with blogging.  I worked again with photoshop for my assignment bank project and even though I struggled with it (again) I had a good time learning about what I could create.  My only regret this week was that because I had to do the reading before  I left, I didn’t get a real chance this week to interact with my group members.  I briefly read through some of their responses to my annotations in the email notifications I received, but without internet access and a very busy wedding schedule last week and this weekend I didn’t have the time or resources to respond.  My goal is to get back into the reading and into my group members blogs from this week and do a little more interacting in the next couple of days, but for tonight I am going to try and get my toddler who is still on a staying at grandma’s house high to sleep and then I am crashing as well!

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