A Cloudy DS106

I chose this design assignment from the assignment bank this week.  The task was to create a word cloud that encompasses DS106.  I wanted to do this assignment the first time we were asked to complete a design project, but the description suggests that it be completed near the end of the course.  One reason this assignment appealed to me was that word clouds are something that I sometimes ask my students to create.  I have used them at the end of units, as a means for character analysis, and for fun crafts for holidays.  I have only ever used Wordle, and I wanted to try out another website for comparison while I reflected on my feelings during this course.  I ended up using Tagul.com, which I found I liked far better than Wordle.  I had a good time manipulating the shape of the cloud itself, as well as the size, font, directions, and colors of the words.  I thought it was just as, if not more, user friendly as Wordle, and there seemed to be a lot more options that were easily accessible to me. I enjoyed this assignment, just as I have enjoyed the struggle of this course!

Copy of Cloud 1

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