Week 7 Review

I can’t believe this is the end of week 7 already. This course (and summer!) has flown by.  I feel like I completed all requirements of the week to the standards.  I was excited to get a chance to go back to a design assignment that I was interested the last time we were required to complete one, but that didn’t really fit in that week.  In completing the ds106 word cloud I really realized how challenging and rewarding this course has been for me and just how much I have learned.

I really enjoyed the reading this week. It was completely different than the rest of the readings in this course have been, although equally – if not more – important.  I chose to read the article on white privilege, and it proved to be difficult to read and digest.  As I have suggested in some of my annotations, it was a pretty emotional piece, and it was sometimes difficult to eloquently explain those emotions through annotations, but I really enjoyed engaging in the conversations that were had surrounding this article.  I also really enjoyed getting the opportunity to interact again with members outside of my small group through annotations and blog posts.

The only thing I might have done differently this week would have been to read the article early in the week, then come back to it later in the week after I’ve digested it a little and read it again. I wasn’t able to get to anything in this course earlier in the week due to traveling, but reading a classmate’s (one who was able to read it twice with some time in between) reading response made me see how many emotions can be associated with this reading and how time can help those feelings develop (or in her case, change).

I would say I met the expectations in both work quality and effort this week.  Like I said, traveling (as well as my anniversary and son’s 3rd birthday) impacted my ability to give this class the time I normally would have at the beginning of the week, but I still got the work done and interacted a fair amount with my classmates. I’m looking forward to reflecting on my course work in the coming week and definitely looking forward to implementing things I have learned this summer in my teaching practices.

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