Digital Story Critique #6

For this week’s story critique I found a video from the teaching channel that talked about implementing blogging in the classroom.  This was something that I wanted to look a little deeper into since we read about blogging a couple weeks ago, and it happened to be the first video that popped up when I got to […]

Assignment Bank Colors

For this week’s Assignment Bank Creation I went back to the visual assignments.  We did visual assignments the first week of class, and I chose an assignment that didn’t force me to try anything new.  All I had to do was take a picture and post it. Last week I tried my hand at some […]

Week 5 Review

I am pretty happy with how this week turned out.  I completed all assignments (although I am realizing now that I never tweeted my daily create from yesterday – will do that after this post!) and I chose a mashup project that took me outside my comfort zone.  I felt more comfortable with the new […]

Digital Story Critique #5

I stumbled upon this digital story in the form of a prezi as I was searching for articles to supplement this week’s reading.  I can’t tell from the site who the creator is, but I assume she is either someone who is taking a course similar (in content, not participation) to this one and is reporting out […]

Week 5 Reading Review: Participate!

This week’s reading was from Jenkins (2008) Afterword: Communities of Readers, Clusters of Practices.  It discussed looking at the new literacies that technology has created as more than  just something that distracts students from their coursework.  The reading suggested that, instead, educators should be embracing these technologies and looking at them as ways to give meaning to […]


The task for this assignment was to mashup a children’s book with another  cultural artifact.  I chose this assignment for a couple of reasons.  For one thing, I have never used any sort of photo editing (besides paint, and I’ve only used that to add text to a picture) and wanted to see what I was capable […]

Week 4 Review

Week 4 was tough for me – though it had very little to do with the class.  I came down with a stomach virus that took me out for most of the week.  At first I thought that the fact that I was just lying around all week (and actually had someone else take my […]